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Quick, Amanda Garden of Lies (2016) Vic England
Lie By Midnight (2005) Vic England
Mystery Woman (2013) Vic England
Perfect Poison (2009) Vic England
Second Sight (2006) Vic England
The River Knows (2007) Vic England
Third Circle (2008) Vic England
Randisi, Robert Bullets and Lies (2012) Vic USA
Rathbone, Julian Very English Agent (2002) 1852 England
Raybourn, Deanna Bonfire Night (2015) 1880's London
A Curious Beginning (2015) 1887 London
A Dangerous Collaboration (A Veronica Speedwell Mystery Book 4) 1888 London
Dark Enquiry (2011) 1860's India
Dark Road to Darjeeling (2010) 1860's India
The Dead Travel Fast (2010) 1860's London
Midsummer Night (2015) 1880's London
A Perilous Undertaking (2016) 1887 London
Silent in the Grave (2007) 1868 London
Silent in the Sanctuary (2008) 1886 England
Silent Night (2012) 1886 England
Silent on the Moor (2009) 1886 Yorkshire
A Treacherous Curse (Veronica Speedwell #3 1886 England
Twelfth Night 1886 Yorkshire
Read, Patrick The Suppression of Vice (2003) 1867 London
Rees, Tracy Amy Snow (2016) Vic England
Reese, Robert Alaskan Gold (?) 1886 Alaska
Rennison, Nick Carver's Quest (2014) 1870's London
Rivers, Susan Second Mrs. Hockaday (2017) Vic USA
Roberts, Cynthia S. Savage Shore (1993) Vic. Wales
Robertson, Paul Dark in the City of Light (2010) 1870's Paris
Robinson, Suzanne Never Trust a Lady (2003) Vic USA
Rescue (1998) Vic England
Roddy, Lee Days of Deception (1998) 1860's USA
Yesterday's Shadows (1999) 1860's USA
Rogow, Roberta Problem of the Evil Editor (2000) 1885 Brighton
Problem Of The Missing Miss (1998) 1885 Brighton
Problem Of The Spiteful Spiritualist (1999) 1885 Portsmouth
Problem of the Surly Servant (2001) 1886 London
Rose, Joel Blackest Bird (2007) 1841 New York
Rose, Katie Case for Romance (1999) 1893 The West
Rowe, G. S. Best Bet in Beantown 1897 Boston
Double Play in Beantown (2005) 1897 Boston
Squeeze Play in Beantown 1897 Boston
Rowland, Laura A Mortal Likeness (Sarah Bain #2) 1889 London
The Ripper's Shadow (Sarah Bain #1 1888 London
Rowse, Sharon Silk Train Murder (2007) 1840's Canada
Rudolph, Penny Listen to the Mockingbird (2007) 1861 New Mexico
Russell, Josh Yellow Jack (1999) 1860's New Orleans
Russell, Judith Withering-By-Sea (2017) Vic England
Russell, Norman Advocate's Wife (2002) Vic London
Aquila Project (2007) Vic England
Carlton Papers (2010) Vic England
Dark Kingdom (2000) Vic England
Deveraux Inheritance (2000) Vic England
Dried-Up Man (1999) Vic England
Evil Holds The Key (2005) Vic England
Gold Matters (2006) Vic England
Hansa Protocol (2003) 1893 England
Haunted Governess (2001) Vic England
Rustage, Alan Blackstone and the Balloon of Death (2006) 1898 London
Blackstone and the Debt of Honor 1898 London
Blackstone and the Fire Bug (2005) 1898 London
Blackstone and the Golden Egg (2005) 1898 London
Blackstone and the Heart of Darkness (2007) 1898 London
Blackstone and the New World (20100 1898 New York
Blackstone and the Tiger (2006) 1898 London
Blackstone and the Wolf of Wall Street (2010) 1900 New York
Ryan, Patricia Bucket of Ashes (2007) 1869 Boston
Death on Beacon Hill (2004) 1869 Boston
Murder in a Mill Town (2004) 1868 Boston
Murder in the North End (2006) 1869 Boston
Murder on Black Friday (2005) 1869 Boston
Still Life With Murder (2003) 1868 Boston
Ryman, Rebecca Shalimar (1999) Vic India
Sanders, J. Aaron Speakers of the Dead (2016) 1843 Massachusetts
Saunders, Kate The Secrets of Wishtide (A Laetitia Rodd Mystery)  1850 England
Saylor, Steven Honor the Dead (a/k/a Twist at the End) 1885 Austin, TX
Twist at the End (2000) 1885/1906 Austin, TX
Scarborough, Elizabeth Lady in the Loch (1998) 1800's Edinburgh
Schechter, Harold Devil's Gentlemen (2008) 1890's New York
Hum Bug (2001) 1844 New York
Mask of the Red Death (2004) 1845 New York
Nevermore (1999) 1830's Baltimore
Tell Tale Corpse (2006) 1840's Baltimore
Schorb, E.M. Paradise Square (2000) 1847 New York
Seidman, Robert Moments Captured (2012) Vic San Francisco
Selwyn, Francis Bombay Bound (1988) Vic England
Cracksman on Velvet (1974) Vic England
Sgt. Verity and the Blood Royal (1979) 1860 England
Sgt. Verity and the Imperial Diamond (1975) Vic India
Sgt. Verity and the Swell Mob (1981) 1860 England
Sgt. Verity Presents His Compliments (1977) 1860 England
Shaw, Catherine Flowers Stained With Moonlight (2005) 1888 Cambridge
The Library Paradox (2006) Vic England
Riddle of the River (2007) 1898 Cambridge
Three Body Problem (2004) 1888 Cambridge
Shepherd, Lynn Pierced Heart (2014) 1850 London
Solitary House (2012) 1850 London
Treacherous Likeness (2013) 1850 London
Sherburne, James Death's Bright Arrow (1989) 1894 Kentucky
Death's Clenched Fist (1982) 1890 New York
Death's Gray Angel (1981) 1890's Kansas
Death's Pale Horse (1980) 1880's Sarasota Springs
Death's White City (1987)
Shields, Kieran Study in Revenge (2013) 1893 Maine
Truth of All Things (2012) 1892 Maine
Siciliano, Sam Darkness (2001) 1899 London
Sickels, Noelle Shopkeeper's Wife (1998) 1886 Philadelphia
Silvas, Randall Disquiet Heart (2002) 1847 Pittsburg
Doubly Dead a/k/a Disquiet Heart 1847 Pittsburg
On Night's Shore (2000) 1840 New York
Simmons, Dan Drood (2009) 1865 London
Fifth Heart (2015) 1893 London
Simpson, Rosemary Let the Dead Keep Their Secrets (Gilded Age Mystery Book 3)  1880's New York
Lies That Comfort and Betray (Gilded Age Mystery Book 2)  1880's New York
What the Dead Leave Behind (Gilded Age Mystery Book 1)  1880's New York
Sims, Alastair Unbelievers (2011) 1800's Scotland
Sims, Michael Penguin Book of Gaslight Crime (2009) Vic Various
Penguin Book of Victorian Women in Crime (2011) Vic Various
Slade, Nicola Death is the Cure (2009) Vic Bath
Smart, Harriet The Butchered Man (The Northminster Mysteries Book 1)  1840 England
The Dead Songbird (The Northminster Mysteries Book 2)  1840 England
The Echo at Rooke Court (The Northminster Mysteries Book 6)  1841 England
The Fatal Engine (The Northminster Mysteries Book 7)  England
The Ghosts of Ardenthwaite (The Northminster Mysteries Book 5)  England
The Hanging Cage (The Northminster Mysteries Book 4)  England
The Shadowcutter (The Northminster Mysteries Book 3)  1841 England
Smiley, Jane All True Travels And Adventures of Lidie Newton (1998) 1860's USA
Smith, Martin Rose (1996) 1828 Wigan
Soos, Troy Burning Bridges (2004) 1893 New York
Gilded Cage (2002) 1893 New York
Island of Tears (2001) 1892 Ellis Island
Streets of Fire (2008) 1895 New York
Spencer, Sally Rendezvous with Death (2006) 1898 England
Stashower, Daniel Dime Museum Murders (1999) 1897 New York
Floating Lady Murder (2000) 1898 New York
Houdini Specter (2001) 1899 New York
Hour of Peril (2014) 1861 New York
Steen, Jane Lady Helena Investigates: Book One of the Scott-De Quincy Mysteries 1881 Sussex
Stiger, Serena Deadly Illumination: Gilded Age Mystery (2001) 1890's New York
Street, Karen Edgar Allen Poe & the London Monster (2016) 1840 England
Stubbs, Jean Dear Laura (1973) 1890's England
Stockbridge, Sara The Fortunes of Grace Hammer (2010) 1888 London
Stoffel, Alex Justice at Devil's Tower (2007) 1880's South Dakota
Stratmann, Linda An Appetite for Murder (2014) Vic London
Case of Doubtful Death (2013) Vic London
Children of Silence (2015) 1881 London
Daughters of Gentlemen (2013) Vic London
Mr. Scarletti's Ghost (2015) Vic London
Poisonous Seed (2012) Vic London
Stuart, Julia Pigeon Pie Mystery (2012) Vic London
Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise (2013) Vic London
Summers, Mary Mr Hunter and the Templars (2006) Vic Edinburgh
Summerscale, Kate Suspicions of Mr. Whicher (2008) 1860 Kent
Sutton, William Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square (2013) 1859 London
Lawless and the Flowers of Sin (2016) 1860 London
Lawless and the Master Assassin (2014) 1860 London
Swingle, Morley Gold of Cape Giradeau (2006) 1860's Missouri
Symons, Julian Blackheath Poisonings (1978) 1890's England
Detling Secret (1982) 1800's England
Sweet Adelaide (1980) 1800's
Tallman, Shirley Cliff House Strangler (2007) 1800's San Francisco
Death on Telegraph Hill (2012) 1882 San Francisco
Murder on Nob Hill (2004) 1800's San Francisco
Russian Hill Murders (2005) 1800's San Francisco
Scandal on Rincon Hill (2010) 1800's San Francisco
Taylor, D.J. Kept: A Victorian Mystery (2006) 1863 London
Taylor, Kate Man in Uniform (2011) 1890's Paris
Temple, Lou Jane The Spice Box (2005) 1864 New York
Thomas, Donald Arrest of Scotland Yard (1993) Vic UK
Jekyll Alias Hyde (1988) 1884 London
Thomas, Edwin Blighted Cliffs (2003) 1806 Dover
Chains of Albion 1806 Dover
Treason's River (2006) 1806 Dover
Thomas, John Reservoir (2011) 1885 Virginia
Thomas, Sherry Conspiracy in Bellgravia (2017) Vic London
The Hollow of Fear (2018) Vic London
Study in Scarlet Women (2016) Vic London
Thomas, Victoria Murder in Murray Hill (2015) 1890's New York
Thomas, Will Anatomy of Evil (2015) 1888 London
The Black Hand (2008) 1880's London
Blood Is Blood ( Barker & Llewelyn Book #10) 1890 London
Fatal Enquiry (2014) 1880's London
Hell Bay (2016) 1880's London
Hellfire Conspiracy (2007) 1885 London
Limehouse Text (2006) 1885 London
Old Scores ( Barker & Llewelyn Book #9) 1890 London
Some Danger Involved (2004) 1884 London
To Kingdom Come (2005) 1884 London
Thomason, Cynthia Grave Review (2005) 1898 Mississippi River
Stake Struck: A Jubilee Showboat Mystery (2004) 1898 Mississippi River
Thompson, Brian Captain's Table (2009) 1874 London
Player's Course (2012) 1875 London
Sailor's Ransom (2010) 1875 London
The Widow's Secret (2008) Vic London
Thompson, E.V. Churchyard and Hawke (2009) Vic London
Though the Heavens May Fall (2012) 1856 Cornwall
Thompson, John The Reservoir (2011) 1885 Virginia
Thomson, E.S. Beloved Poison (2016) 1850's England
Dark Asylum (2017) 1851 England
Thorne, Nicola My Name is Martha Brown (2000) 1856 Dorset
Thorne, Thomas Patriote Proposition (2003) 1833 Canada
Thorpe, Adam Pieces of Light (2000) 1800's Africa
Tidhar, Lavie The Bookman (2010) Vic England
Titchener, Louise Malpractice (2006) Vic Baltimore
Tobin, Sophia Widow's Confession (2015) 1851 Kent
Tombs, Kerry The Ledbury Lamplighters (2010) 1888 England
Torgov, Morley Mastersinger from Minsk (2012) 1868 Germany
Murder in A Major (2008) 1860's Germany
Trent, Christine Death at the Abbey (2015) 1861 London
Grave Celebration (2016) 1861 London
Lady of Ashes (2013) 1861 London
Mourning Bells (2015) 1860's London
A Murderous Malady: A Florence Nightingale Mystery  1854 London
No Cure for the Dead: A Florence Nightingale Mystery  1853 London
Stolen Remains (2014) 1860's London
Virtuous Death (2015) 1860's London
Trow, M. J. Adventures of Inspector Lestrade (1985) 1891-1910 UK
The Angel (2016) 1870 Kent
Brigade: Further Adventures (1986)
Lestrade & The Brother of Death (1988)
Lestrade & The Dead Man's Hand (1992)
Lestrade & The Deadly Game (1990)
Lestrade & The Devil's Own (1996)
Lestrade & The Gift of the Prince (1991)
Lestrade & The Guardian Angel (1990)
Lestrade & The Hallowed House (1987)
Lestrade & The Kiss of Horus (1995)
Lestrade & The Leviathan (1987)
Lestrade & The Magpie (1991)
Lestrade & The Mirror of Murder (1993)
Lestrade & The Ripper (1988)
Lestrade & The Sawdust Ring (1993)
Lestrade & The Sign of Nine (1992)
Van Laerhoven, Bob Baudelaires Revenge (2014) 1870 Paris
Vaughn, Matthew Discretion of Dominic Ayers 1896 England
Vautrin, Jeam Voice of the People (2002) 1871 Paris
Veevers, Marian Fallen Women (?) 1888/1997 London
Volmer, Mary Crown of Dust (2011) 1840's California
Wade, Stephen Thief in the Night (2014) Vic London
Walker, James Murder at Gettysburg (1999) 1863 Pennsylvania
Walker, Robert City For Ramson (2006) 1893 Chicago
City of the Absent (2007) 1893 Chicago
Shadows in the White City (2006) 1893 Chicago
Ward, Tracy Chorus of the Dead (2012) 1867 London
Dead Among Us (2012) 1860's London
Dead Silent (2013) 1860's London
Prayers for the Dying (2016) 1860's London
Shadows of Madness (2017) 1860's London
Sweet Asylum (2015) 1860's London
Warm Hands Cold Heart: A Marshall House Christmas Mystery (Marshall House Mystery Book 7) 1868 Scotland
Waters, Sarah Affinity (1999) 1870's London
Fingersmith (2002) 1862 London
Wells, Martha Death of the Necromancer (1999) 1800's Fictional Country
Element of Fire (1998) 1800's Fictional Country
Welsh, Kate Wages of Sin (2017) 1882 Scotland
Wendeberg, Annelie The Devil's Grin: (Anna Kronberg Mysteries Book 2) Vic England
The Fall: (Anna Kronberg Mysteries Book 3) Vic England
The Journey: (Anna Kronberg Mysteries Book 4) Vic England
Keeper of Pleas: (Keeper of Pleas Mysteries Book 1) Vic England
The Lion's Courtship: (Anna Kronberg Mysteries Book 1) ( Victorian London
River of Bones: (Anna Kronberg Mysteries Book 6) Victorian London
Silent Witnesses: (Anna Kronberg Mysteries Book 5) Victorian London
Spider Silk: (Keeper of Pleas Mysteries Book 2)  Vic England
West, Paul Women Of Whitechapel And Jack (1998) Vic London
White, Jenny Abyssian Proof (2008) 1886 Istanbul
The Sultan's Seal (2006) 1886 Istanbul
Winter Thief (2010) 1886 Istanbul
Wiggs, Susan The Firebrand (2001) 1800's Chicago
Wikarski, Nancy Fall of White City (2003) 1890's Chicago
Shrouded in Thought (2017) 1890's Chicago
Willeford, Charles Difference (1999) 1890 Arizona
Hombre From Sonora (1999) 1890 Arizona
Williams, Gerald Dr. Mortimer and the Aldgate Mystery (2000) 1890 London
Dr. Mortimer and the Barking Man (2001) 1891 London
Dr. Mortimer and the Carved Head Mystery (2003) 1892 London
Williams, Kate Pleasures of Men (2012) 1840 London
Willig, Lauren Deception of the Emerald Ring (2007) 1800's England
Wilson, James Dark Clue (2001) Vic London
Wilson, Steven President Lincoln's Secret (2009) 1860's Washington DC
President Lincoln's Spy (2008) 1860's Washington DC
Wise, Sarah Italian Boy (2004) 1830's Long
Wolfe, Linda Death of Dr. Chapman (2004) 1880's Philadelphia
Zeller, Bob Jacob's Run (2007) 1860's North Carolina
Zellnik, M. J. Murder At The Portland Variety (2005) 1894 Oregon
Murder at the Rose Paperworks (2006) 1894 Portland
Zimler, Richard Hunting Midnight 1800's Portugal
Zimmerman, Jean Savage Girl (2014) 1876 New York
La Belle Epoch Mysteries 1920's Mysteries 1930's Mysteries
1940's Mysteries Post War Mysteries Ancient Worlds Mysteries
Medieval Mysteries Renaissance Mysteries Regency/Georgian Mysteries

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