When it seems like the World has turned upside down, it's time to turn off the tv, put the phone down and turn to the printed word for a chance to read up on history, or lose yourself in a good mystery where mayhem and madness are resolved by the last chapter.

With most of us done with binge watching whatever streaming source to which you subscribe, there's never been a better time to read. Bookstores are re-opening and you can once again browse for new titles. Remember, your local bookstore staff are great resources as are your local librarians and many bookstores and libraries are offering curbside service. I encourage you to take advantage of that.

But enough nattering. Books! Go! Read!

Baker, Blythe A Design of Deceit (Dickinson Sisters Book 5) Vic England
A Stab of Dread (Dickinson Sisters Book 6) Vic England
An Unexpected Misfortune (Anna Fairweather Book 4) 1921 England
An Unhappy Murder (Anna Fairweather Book 5) 1921 England
An Untidy End (Anna Fairweather Book 6) 1921 England
Bowen, Rhys God Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen (A Royal Spyness Mystery Book 15)
Briggs. J.C. The Chinese Puzzle (Charles Dickens Investigations Book 8) 1851 London
Bright, Verity Murder at the Fair (A Lady Eleanor Swift Book 6) 1921 England
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries and the Midwinter Murders (A Victorian Mystery Book 40) 19th England
Brooke, Issy The Haunting of an Heir (Lord and Lady Calaway Book 8) Vic England
Buchannan, Paul City of Fallen Angels (John Keegan Book 1) 1962 Los Angeles
Byers, Beth A Fabulous Little Murder (The Violet Carlyle Book 29) 1926 England
Chester, Fliss A Dangerous Goodbye (Fen Churche Book 1) 1944 England
The Moonlit Murders (Fen Churche Book 3) 1945 At Sea
Night Train to Paris (Fen Churche Book 2) 1945 Paris
Clare, Alys Angel in the Glass (A Gabriel Taverner Mystery Book 2) 1604 England
Indigo Ghosts (A Gabriel Tavener Mystery Book 3) 1604 England
The Outcast Girls (A World’s End Bureau Victorian Mystery Book 2) 1881 London
Woman Who Spoke to Spirits (A World’s End Bureau Book 1) 1880 London
Doherty, Paul Stone of Destiny (A Brother Athelstan Mystery, 20) 1381 London
Ekbäck, Cecilia The Historians (2021) 1943 Sweden
Epstein, Allison A Tip for the Hangman (Kit Marlowe Book 1) 1585 England
Fergus, Charles Nighthawk's Wing (Gideon Stoltz Book 2) 1836 Pennsylvania
Fergus, Charles A Stranger Here Below (Gideon Stoltz Book 1) 1831 Pennsylvania
Finch, Charles An Extravagant Death (Charles Lenox Mysteries Book 14) 1878 London
Goble, Steve The Bloody Black Flag (Spider John Mystery Book 1) 1723 At Sea
A Bottle of Rum (Spider John Mystery Book 3) 1723 At Sea
The Devil's Wind (Spider John Mystery Book 2) 1723 At Sea
Pieces of Eight (Spider John Mystery Book 4) 1723 At Sea
Goodwin, S. M. Crooked in His Ways (Lightner and Law Mystery Book 1) 1856 New York
Gregory, Susanna The Clerkenwell Affair (Thomas Chaloner Book 14) 1666 London
Harmon, Paula Murder Saturnalia (Murder Britannica Book 3) 192 England
Hathaway, L.B. Murder in the London Lights (The Posie Parker Mystery Series Book 10) 1924 London
Murder in Tuscany (The Posie Parker Mystery Series Book 11) 1925 Italy
Hedgecock, Liz In Plain Sight (Maisie Frobisher Book 4) 1890's London
Howard of Warwick A Mayhem of Murderous Monks (Brother Hermitage Book 21)
Kalb, Kathleen Marple A Fatal Finale (Ella Shane Book 1) 1899 New York
A Fatal First Night (Ella Shane Book 2) 1899 New York
Locklear, Curt Scrooge and Cratchit Detectives: A Dickensian Christmas Mystery Vic London
Menuhin, Karen Baugh The Tomb of the Chatelaine (Heathcliff Lennox Book 6) 1920's England
Montgomery, Jess The Stills: A Novel (The Kinship Series Book 3) 1927 Ohio
Mosley, Walter Blood Grove (Easy Rawlins Book 15) 1969 California
Mount, Toni The Colour of Evil (Sebastian Foxley Book 9) Medieval London
Murphy, Michael The Big Brush-off (Jake & Laura Book 4) 1930's Pennsylvania
Murphy, Stacie A Deadly Fortune: A Novel 1800's New York
Nickson, Chris To The Dark (A Simon Westow Book 3) 1822 Leeds
Parker, Kate Deadly Cypher: A World War II Mystery (Deadly Series Book 7) 1939 England
Patrick, Renee Script for Scandal (A Lillian Frost and Edith Head mystery, 3) 1939 Los Angeles
Patrick, Renee The Sharpest Needle (A Lillian Frost and Edith Head mystery, 4) 1939 Los Angeles
Penrose, Andrea Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens (A Wrexford & Sloane Book 5)
Pronzini, Bill The Paradise Affair (Carpenter and Quincannon Mystery Book 9)
The Stolen Gold Affair (Carpenter and Quincannon Mystery Book 8)
Queen, Emily A Twisted Case of Murder (Mrs. Lillywhite Book 8)
Redmond, Heather The Pickwick Murders (A Dickens of a Crime Book 4) 1836 London
Ruggero, Ed Blame the Dead (Eddie Harkins Book 1) 1943 Sicily
Comes the War (Eddie Harkins Book 2) 1944 England
Savage, William Foxe and the Path into Darkness (Ashmole Fox Book 8) Regency Norwich
Shapiro, Irina Murder in the Grave (Redmond and Haze Book 5)
Simpson, Rosemary The Dead Cry Justice (A Gilded Age Mystery Book 6) 1889 New York
Smith, Fran Poison at Pemberton Hall (Vita Carew mysteries Book 1) 1903 England
Stewart, Amy Miss Kopp Investigates (A Kopp Sisters Novel Book 7) 1919 Washington
Stratmann, Linda The Cyanide Ghost (Mina Scarletti Book 6) 1872 Brighton
Strauss, Lee Murder in London (Rosa Reed Book 8) 1957 England
Todd, Charles A Fatal Lie: A Novel (Inspector Ian Rutledge Mysteries Book 23)
Vandagriff, GG The Hollywood Murders (Catherine Tregowyn Book 4) 1930's Los Angeles
Wallace, R. A. To a Certain Degree (Glennon Normal School Book 11)
Westerson, Jeri Spiteful Bones (A Crispin Guest Mystery Book 14)
Wortham, Reavis Z. Laying Bones (Texas Red River Book 8) 1969 Texas

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