Vachss, Andrew Two Trains Running (2005) 1959 USA
Vail, Jason Bad Money (A Stephen Attebrook mystery Book 6) 1263 Wales
Baynard's List (A Stephen Attebrook mystery Book 2) 1263 Wales
The Bear Wagon (A Stephen Attebrook mystery Book 7) 1200's England
The Burned Man (A Stephen Attebrook Mystery Book 9) 1200's England
The Corpse at Windsor Bridge (A Stephen Attebrook mystery Book 10) 1200's England
A Dreadful Penance (A Stephen Attebrook mystery Book 3) 1262 Wales
The Girl in the Ice (A Stephen Attebrook mystery Book 4) 1262 Wales
Murder at Broadstowe Manor (A Stephen Attebrook Mystery Book 8) 1200's England
Saint Milburga's Bones (A Stephen Attebrook mystery Book 5) 1262 Wales
The Wayward Apprentice (A Stephen Attebrook Book 1) 1262 Wales
Valdene, Guy Red Stag (2003) 1960's Normandy
Valen/Cohen City of Stones  (2020) 1950's Minneapolis
Valtat, Jean C. Aurorama Steampunk Steampunk
Luninous Chaos (2013) Steampunk Steampunk
Van Aldermane, Kim Orphan #8 (2015) 1919 New York
Vandagriff, GG The Hollywood Murders (Catherine Tregowyn Book 4) 1930's Los Angeles
Murder at Tregowyn Manor (Catherine Tregowyn Mysteries Book 3) 1935 Cornwall
Murder in the Jazz Band ( Catherine Tregowyn Mysteries Book 2) 1930's Oxford
An Oxford Murder (Catherine Tregowyn Mysteries Book 1) 1930's England
Van de Wetering, Janwillem Judge Dee Plays His Lute (1998) 7th China
Van Gulik, Robert Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee (1967) 7th China
Chinese Bell Murders (1958) 668 China
Chinese Gold Murders (1959) 663 China
Chinese Lake Murders (1960) 666 China
Chinese Maze Murders (1962) 670 China
Chinese Nail Murders (1961) 676 China
Emperor's Pearl (1963) 668 China
Haunted Monastery (1963) 666 China
Judge Dee at Work (1992) 663-670 China
Lacquer Screen (1964) 663 China
Monkey and the Tiger (1965) 660-670 China
Murder in Canton (1966) 680 China
Necklace and Calabash (1967) 7th China
Phantom of the Temple (1966) 670 China
Poets and Murder (1968) 7th China
Red Pavilion (1964) 677 China
Willow Pattern (1965) 677 China
Van Laerhoven, Bob Baudelaires Revenge (2014) 1870 Paris
Van Pelt, Nicholas Stomp (1999) 1950's Oregon
Vantrease, Brenda The Illuminator (2005) 1300's England
Vargas, Fred Have Mercy On Us All (2005) Med Paris
Vastal, Radha Front Page Affair (2016) 1915 New York
Murder Between The Lines (2017) 1915 New York
Vaughn, Matthew Discretion of Dominic Ayers 1896 England
Vaughn-Hughes, Pip The Fool's Crusade (2010) 1235 England
Relics (2006) 1235 England
Vault of Bones (2007) 1235 England
Vautrin, Jeam Voice of the People (2002) 1871 Paris
Veevers, Marian Fallen Women (?) 1888/1997 London
Vichi, Mario Death and the Olive Grove (2012) 1964 Florence
Death in August (2011) 1963 Florence
Death in Florence (2015) 1966 Florence
Death in Sardinia (2014) 1964 Florence
Vidich, Paul Good Assassin (2017) 1958 Cuba
An Honorable Man (2016) 1953 Washington DC
Vincenzi, Penny Windfall (2009) 1930's London
Vine, Barbara Minotaur (2006) 1960's England
Volmer, Mary Crown of Dust (2011) 1840's California
Volpi, Jorge In Search Of Klingsor (2002) 1940 New Jersey
Vyleta, Dan The Quiet Man (2012) 1939 Vienna
Wade, Stephen Thief in the Night (2014) Vic London
Waldock, Sarah Death of a Fop (Bow Street Consultant series Book 1) Regency England
Jane and the Actresses (Jane, Bow Street Consultant Book 8) Regency England
Jane and the Bow Street Runner (Jane, Bow Street Consultant Book 2) Regency England
Jane and the Burning Question (Jane, Bow Street Consultant Book 6) Regency England
Jane and the Christmas Masquerades (Jane, Bow Street Consultant Book 4) Regency England
Jane and the Hidden Hoard (Jane, Bow Street Consultant Book 5) Regency England
Jane and the Opera Dancer (Jane, Bow Street Consultant Book 3) Regency England
Jane and the Sins of Society (Jane, Bow Street Consultant Book 7) Regency England
Walker, James Murder at Pearl Harbor (2000) 1941 Hawaii
Murder On The Titanic (1998) 1912 At Sea
Murder at Gettysburg (1999) 1863 Pennsylvania
Voices From the Titanic (1999) 1912 New York
Walker, Persia Black Orchid Blues (2011) 1920's New York
Harlem Redux (2002) 1920's New York
Walker, Robert City For Ramson (2006) 1893 Chicago
City of the Absent (2007) 1893 Chicago
Shadows in the White City (2006) 1893 Chicago
Walking, Christopher Devil's Mask (2011) 1700's Bristol
Wall, Carolyn D. Sweeping Up Glass (2008) 1938 Kentucky
Wallace, Christopher Pied Piper's Poison (2000) 1648/1948 Poland
Wallace, Irwin Julius Caesar Murder Case (1935) AW Rome
Wallace, Michael Crow Hollow (2015) 1676 USA
The Rings of Berlin 1936 Germany
Wallace, R. A. Barrier to Learning (A Glennon Normal School Book 8) 1918 USA
It’s Normal to Lie (A Glennon Normal School Historical Mystery Book 4) 1918 USA
Mark of Deception (A Glennon Normal School Historical Mystery Book 2) 1918 USA
Mystery at Glennon Hall (A Glennon Normal School Historical Mystery Book 1) 1918 USA
Points of Contention (A Glennon Normal School Historical Mystery Book 6) 1918 USA
Questionable Results (A Glennon Normal School Book 7) 1918 USA
Schooled in Silence (A Glennon Normal School Historical Mystery Book 5) 1918 USA
Subject to Suspicion (A Glennon Normal School Historical Mystery Book 3) 1918 USA
To a Certain Degree (Glennon Normal School Book 11)
Wallace, Randall Love & Honor (2004) 1775 Russia
Walsh, Jill P. Attenbury Emeralds (2010) 1951 England
Desert in Bohemia (2001) 1945 Europe
Late Scholar (2013) 1950's England
Presumption of Death (2002) 1940 England
Walsh, John E. Man Who Buried Jesus (1989) 33A.D. Jerusalem
Walters, Guy The Leader (2003) 1937 England
The Traitor (2005) WWII Britain
Walters, Minette Last Hours (2017) 1348 London
Shape of Snakes (2001) 1978 London
Ward, Liza Outside Valentine (2004) 1959 USA
Ward, Phil Dead Eagles (2012) 1940's USA
Ward, Tracy Chorus of the Dead (2012) 1867 London
Dead Among Us (2012) 1860's London
Dead Silent (2013) 1860's London
Prayers for the Dying (2016) 1860's London
Shadows of Madness (2017) 1860's London
Sweet Asylum (2015) 1860's London
Warm Hands Cold Heart: A Marshall House Christmas Mystery (Marshall House Mystery Book 7) 1868 Scotland
Washburn, L.J. Dead Stick (1989) 1920's Los Angeles
Dog Heavies (?) 1920's Los Angeles
Waters, Paul Cast Not the Day (2012) 200 bc Britain
Of Merchants and Heroes (2009) AW Greece/Rome
Republic of Vengeance (2012) AW Britain
Waters, Sarah Affinity (1999) 1870's London
Fingersmith (2002) 1862 London
Little Stranger (2009) 1920's London
Night Watch (2006) 1947 London
Paying Guests (2014) 1922 London
Watkins, Paul The Forger (2000) 1939 Paris
Watson, Sterling Sweet Dream Baby (2003) 1950's Florida
Watt, Douglas Death of a Chief (2009) 1600's Scotland
Testament of a Witch (2012) 1600's Scotland
Waugh, Teresa The House (2002) WWII England
Weaver, Ashley An Act of Villainy (Amory Ames #5) 1930 England
A Dangerous Engagement (An Amory Ames Mystery Book 6) 1930's New York
A Deception at Thornecrest (Amory Ames Mystery Book 7) 1930's England
Death Wears a Mask (Amory Ames #2) 1930 USA
The Essence of Malice (Amory Ames #4) 1930 USA
Intrigue in Capri (2017) 1930 USA
A Most Novel Revenge (Amory Ames #3) 1930 USA
Murder at the Brightwell (Amory Ames #1 1930 USA
A Peculiar Combination (Electra McDonnell Series, 1) 1940's England
Weeks, Stephen Countess of Prague (2017) 1904 Czech
Weinberg, Florence Storks of La Caridad (2005) 1767 Spain
Wells, Martha Death of the Necromancer (1999) 1800's Fictional Country
Element of Fire (1998) 1800's Fictional Country
Welsh, Kate Wages of Sin (2017) 1882 Scotland
Welsh, Louise Tamburlaine Must Die (2005) 1593 England
Welsh, Pamela Deadly Gamble: An Abigail Dutcher Mystery Book 1 1923
Wendeberg, Annelie The Devil's Grin: (Anna Kronberg Mysteries Book 2) Vic England
The Fall: (Anna Kronberg Mysteries Book 3) Vic England
The Journey: (Anna Kronberg Mysteries Book 4) Vic England
Keeper of Pleas: (Keeper of Pleas Mysteries Book 1) Vic England
The Lion's Courtship: (Anna Kronberg Mysteries Book 1) ( Victorian London
River of Bones: (Anna Kronberg Mysteries Book 6) Victorian London
Silent Witnesses: (Anna Kronberg Mysteries Book 5) Victorian London
Spider Silk: (Keeper of Pleas Mysteries Book 2)  Vic England
West, Paul Women Of Whitechapel And Jack (1998) Vic London
Westbrook, Kate Secret Servant (2006) 1950's USA
Westerson, Jeri Blood Lance (2012) 1383 London
Cup of Blood (2014) 1383 London
Dark Chamber (2016) 1380's London
Demon's Parchment (2010) 1383 London
Season of Blood (Crispin Guest #9 1390 Gloucestershire
Serpent in the Thorns (2009) 1383 London
Shadow of the Alchemist (2013) 1383 Canterbury
Silence of Stones (2015) 1388 London
Spiteful Bones (A Crispin Guest Mystery Book 14)
Troubled Bones (2011) 1383 Canterbury
Veil of Lies (2008) 1383 London
Westin, Jeane Spymaster's Daughter (2012) Ren England
Weston, Julie Moonshadows (2015) 1920's Idaho
Wheeler, Stephen Abbot's Passion (2014) 1201 England
Blood Moon (2014) 1214 England
Devil's Acre (2014) 1242 England
Monk's Curse (2015) 1211 England
Unholy Innocence 1199 England
Wheeler, Tom Arcanum (2004) 1919 London
Whishaw, Iona A Deceptive Devotion (A Lane Winslow Mystery Book 6) 1940's Canada
Death in a Darkening Mist ( Lane Winslow Book 2)  1940's Canada
It Begins In Betrayal (Lane Winslow Book 4)  1947 Canada
A Killer in King's Cove (Lane Winslow Book 1) 1946 Canada
A Match Made for Murde (Lane Winslow Book 7) 1940's Arizona
An Old, Cold Grave ( Lane Winslow Book 3)  1940's Canada
A Sorrowful Sanctuary (Lane Winslow Book 5) 1940's Canada
White, Jenny Abyssian Proof (2008) 1886 Istanbul
The Sultan's Seal (2006) 1886 Istanbul
Winter Thief (2010) 1886 Istanbul
White, Leslie Scorpus the Moor (1962) Nero Rome
White, Michael Beautiful Assassin (2011) 1940's USA
Brother's Blood (1996) 1940's USA
Garden of Martyrs (2005) 1806 England
Whittington-Egan, Molly Scottish Murder Stories (1997) Various Scotland
Whitworth, V.M. Bone Thief (2012) aw Wessex
Wiggs, Susan The Firebrand (2001) 1800's Chicago
Wikarski, Nancy Fall of White City (2003) 1890's Chicago
Shrouded in Thought (2017) 1890's Chicago
Wilcox, Lynda A Burglary In Belgravia (The Lady Eleanor Mysteries Book 2) 1924 London
A Drowning In Dulwich (Lady Eleanor Mysteries Book 4) 1924 London
 Poisoning In Piccadilly (Lady Eleanor Mysteries Book 1) 1924 London
A Traitor At Tower Bridge (The Lady Eleanor Mysteries Book 3) 1924 London
Wilde, Darcie And Dangerous to Know (Rosalind Thorne Book 3) Regency England
A Lady Compromised (Rosalind Thorne Mystery Book 4) Regency England
A Purely Private Matter (A Rosalind Thorne Book 2) Regency England
A Useful Woman (A Rosalind Thorne Book 1) Regency England
Wildwind, Sharon Soldier on the Porch (2008) 1971 North Carolina
Some Welcome Home (2006) 1969 Vietnam
Wiley, Richard Ahmed's Revenge (1998) 1970 Kenya
Willberg, T.A. Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder: A Novel  1958 London
Willeford, Charles Difference (1999) 1890 Arizona
Hombre From Sonora (1999) 1890 Arizona
Williams, Adam Book of the Alchemist (2010) 1938 Spain
Palace of Heavenly Pleasure (2003) 1900's China
Williams, Beatriz A Certain Age (2016) 1938 Rhode Island
Coco Beach (2017) 1938 France
Hundred Summers (2014) 1938 Rhode Island
Secret Life of Violet Grant (2014) 1964 USA
Williams, Darren Angel Rock (2002) 1969 Australia
Williams, Gerrard Dr. Mortimer and the Aldgate Mystery (2000) 1890 London
Dr. Mortimer and the Barking Man (2001) 1891 London
Dr. Mortimer and the Carved Head Mystery (2003) 1892 London
Williams, Jay Roman Moon Mystery (1948) 58a.d. Rome
Stolen Oracle (1943) 21b.c. Rome
Williams, Jim Scherzo (1998) 1700's Venice
Strange Death of a Romantic (2002) 1930-40's Italy
Williams, Kate Pleasures of Men (2012) 1840 London
Williams, Nigel Hatchett & Lynchett (2002) 1939 Paris
Williamson, Penn Mortal Sins (2000) 1927 New Orleans
Wages of Sin (2003) 1920's New Orleans
Willig, Lauren Betrayal of the Blood Lily Reg India
Deception of the Emerald Ring Reg England/France
Garden Intrigue (2012) 1804 England/France
Lure of the Moonflower (2015) 1807 Lisbon
Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla (2014) 1806 London
Masque of the Black Tulip Reg England/France
Mischief of the Mistletoe (2010) Reg England/France
Orchard Affair (2011) Reg England/France
Passion of the Purple Plumeria (2013) Reg England/France
Secret History of the Pink Carnation Reg England/France
Seduction of Crimson Rose (2008) Reg. England/France
Tempation of the Night Jasmine (2009) Reg. England/France
Wilson, Andrew A Talent for Murder (2017) 1926 England
Wilson, Derek Keene's Quest (2001) 1700's France
Swarm of Heaven (1999) 1400's Rome
Wilson, D.K. Traitor's Mark (2017) 1543 England
Wilson, Ed A Very British Ending (2017) 1950's England
Wilson, Elizabeth Girl in Berlin (2012) 1951 Germany
Twilight Hour (2006) 1947 London
War Damage (2009) 1947 London
Wilson, F. Paul The Keep (2000) WWII Rumania
Wilson, Jacqueline Palestine Affair (2003) 1924 Palestine
Wilson, James Dark Clue (2001) Vic London
Wilson, John See Listings Under Duchin, Peter
Wilson, Laura Capital Crime (2010) 1941 London
An Empty Death (2009) 1944 London
Hello Bunny Alice (2003) 1967 England
Innocent Spy (2009) a/k/a Stratton's War 1940 London
Little Death (1999) 1955 London
The Lover (2004) 1940's London
The Man Who Wasn't There (2009) 1940 London
Riot (2013) 1958 London
Stratton's War (2008) a/k/a Innocent Spy 1940 London
A Willing Victim (2012) 1956 London
Wilson, Robert Blind Man of Seville (2003) 1950's Tangier
Company of Strangers (2001) 1944 Lisbon
Small Death in Lisbon (1999) 1941 Lisbon
Wilson, Steven President Lincoln's Secret (2009) 1860's Washington DC
President Lincoln's Spy (2008) 1860's Washington DC
Wimberley, Darryl Kaleidoscope (2008) 1930's Cincinnati
Winspear, Jacqueline The American Agent (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 15) 1940 England
Among the Mad (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 6) 1931 England
Birds of a Feather (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 2) 1930 England
Care and Management of Lies (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 11.5) 1914 England
The Consequences of Fear (Maisie Dobbs #16) 1941
A Dangerous Place (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 11) 1937 England
Elegy for Eddie (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 9) 1933 England
Incomplete Revenge (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 5) 1930 England
In This Grave Hour (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 13) 1939 England
Journey to Munich (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 12) 1938 Germany
Leaving Everything Most Loved (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 10) 1933 England
Lesson in Secrets (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 8) 1932 England
Maisie Dobbs (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 1) 1929 England
Mapping of Love and Death (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 7) 1932 England
Messenger of Truth (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 4) 1930 England
Pardonable Lies (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 3) 1930 England
To Die But Once (Maisie Dobbs Series Book 14) 1940 London
Winslow, Don Isle of Joy (2008) 1958 Manhattan
Winter, Ariel 20 Year Death: Three Novels (2012) 1930's- 1950's England
Winters, Cat The Steep and Thorny Way (2017) 1923 Oregon
Wise, Sarah Italian Boy (2004) 1830's London
Wishart, David Bodies Politic (2012) ad Rome
Family Commitments (2017) ad Rome
Finished Business (2014) 40 ad Rome
Food For The Fishes (2005) ad Rome
Foreign Bodies (2016) 42 ad Rome
Germanicus (1997) 14-19a.d. Rome
Horse Coin (1999) a.d. Rome
I, Virgil (1995) a.d. Rome
Illegally Dead (2008) ad Rome
In at the Death (2007) 34 a.d. Rome
Last Rites (2001) a.d. Rome
Lydian Baker (1998) a.d. Rome
No Cause for Concern (2012) a.d. Rome
Old Bones (2000) a.d. Rome
Parthian Shot (2004) ad Rome
Sejanus (1998) 30a.d. Rome
Solid Citizen (2013) 39 ad Rome
Trade Secrets (2017) 41 a.d. Rome
Vote for Murder (2002) a.d. Rome
White Murder (2002) 34 a.d. Rome
Wishnia, Kenneth The Fifth Servant (2010) 1592 Prague
Wolf, Jack Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones (2013) 1751 London
Wolf, Joan No Dark Place (1999) Medieval England
Poisoned Serpent (2000) 1140 England
Wolfe, Linda Death of Dr. Chapman (2004) 1880's Philadelphia
Wolfe, Suzanne M. A Murder By Any Name: An Elizabethan Spy Mystery (2019) Ren England
Wood, Graham Death in Provence (2003) 1960 Provence
Detective Lauriat Investigates (2002) 1960 France
Woodbury, Sarah Bard's Daughter (2012) 1100 Wales
Chevalier (The Welsh Guard Mysteries Book 2) 1284
Crouchback (The Welsh Guard Mysteries Book 1) 1284 Wales
The Fallen Princess (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 4) 1144 Wales
The Favored Son (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 10)  1147 Wales
The Fourth Horseman (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 3) 1144 Wales
The Good Knight (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 1) 1143 Wales
The Irish Bride (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 12) 1148 Wales
The Lost Brother (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 6) 1146 Wales
The Prince's Man (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 13) 1148 Wales
The Renegade Merchant (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 7) 1147 Wales
The Unexpected Ally (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 8) 1147 Wales
The Uninvited Guest (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 2) 1143 Wales
The Unlikely Spy (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 5) 1146 Wales
The Viking Prince (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 11) 1147 Wales
The Worthy Soldier (The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries Book 9)  1147 Wales
Woodrell, Daniel Maid's Version (2013) 1929 Missouri
Woods, James General's Dog, The (2000) 1936 Madrid
Murder of No Consequence (1999) 1930's Madrid
Woods, Stuart Beverley Hills Dead (2008) 1940's Hollywood
Prince of Beverly Hills (2004) 1930's Hollywood
Woodward, Ann Exile Way (1996) 11th Japan
Of Death and Black Rivers (1998)
Woodworth, Deborah Dancing Dead (2002) 30's Kentucky
Deadly Shaker Spring (1998) 30's Kentucky
Death of a Winter Shaker (1997) 30's Kentucky
Killing Gifts (2001) 30's Kentucky
Simple Shaker Murder (2000) 30's Kentucky
Sins of a Shaker Summer (1999) 30's Kentucky
Worth, Sandra Pale Rose of England (2011) 1497 England
Wortham, Reavis Burrows (2012) 1964 Texas
Dark Places (2015) 1967 Texas
Laying Bones (Texas Red River Book 8) 1969 Texas
Right Side of Wrong (2013) 1966 Texas
Rock Hole (2011) 1964 Texas
Unraveled (2017) 1968 Texas
Vengeance is Mine (2014) 1967 Texas
Wray, John Right Hand of Sleep (2001) 1938 Ukraine
Wright, A.J. Striking Murder (A Lancashire Dectective Mystery Book 1) 1893 England
Elementary Murder (A Lancashire Detective Book 2) 1894 England
Wright, Edward Clea's Moon (2003) 1940's Los Angeles
Damnation Falls 1940's Tennessee
On the Side of Angels (2005) 1940's Los Angeles
Red Sky Lament (2006) 1940's Los Angeles
Silver Face (2004) 1940's Los Angeles
While I Disappear (2004) 1940's Los Angeles
Wright, Nancy Midnight Fires (2010 1786 Europe
The Nightmare (2011) 1792 London
Wynn, Patricia Acts of Faith (Blue Satan Book 5) 1716 England
The Birth of Blue Satan 1715 England
A Killing Frost (Blue Satan Mystery Book 4) 1715 England
The Motive from the Deed (Blue Satan Book 3) 1715 England
The Spider's Touch (Blue Satan Book 2) 1715 England
Whisper of Death (Blue Satan Book 6) 1716 England
Wu, Ming 54 (2007) 1930's Europe
Yarbro, Chelsea See Listings Under Fantasy
Haunting Investigation (2016) 1924 Philadelphia
Yarborough, Steve Prisoners of War (2004) 1943 Mississippi
Visible Spirits (2002) 1902 Mississippi
Yokomizo, Seishi. The Honjin Murders 1937 Okinawa
The Inugami Curse 1940's Japan
York, Lynn Piano Teacher (2004) 1970's England
York, Sheila A Good Knife's Work (2010) 1946 New York
Star Struck Dead (2003) 1946 Hollywood
Young, Felicity The Anatomy of Death (Dr Dody McCleland Book 1)  lbe England
Antidote to Murder: A Novel (Dr Dody McCleland Book 2) 1911 England
Dissection Murder (2012) 1911 England
A Donation of Murder (Dr Dody McCleland Book 5)  1911 England
The Insanity of Murder (Dr Dody McCleland Book 4)  1911 England
The Scent of Murder (Dr Dody McCleland Book 3)  1911 England
Young, Robyn Brethren (2007) Med Europe
Yu, Ovidia The Betel Nut Tree Mystery (2018) 1937 Singapore
The Frangipani Tree Mystery (2018) 1936 Singapore
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Labyrinth of the Spirits Cemetery of Forgotten Books #4 1958 Madrid
Midnight Palace (2012) 1950's India
Prisoner of Heaven (2012) 1957 Spain
Shadow of the Wind (2004) 1945 Barcelona
Zaidi, Malia A Darker Shore: A Lady Evelyn Mystery (The Lady Evelyn Mysteries Book 2) 1926 Greece
The Golden Hour (The Lady Evelyn Mysteries Book 4) 1920's England
A Poisonous Journey (The Lady Evelyn Mysteries Book 1) 1925 England
The Study of Silence (The Lady Evelyn Mysteries Book 3) 1926 England
Zeller, Bob Jacob's Run (2007) 1860's North Carolina
Zellnik, M. J. Murder At The Portland Variety (2005) 1894 Oregon
Murder at the Rose Paperworks (2006) 1894 Portland
Zencey, Eric Panama (1996) early 20th Panama
Zimler, Richard Hunting Midnight 1800's Portugal
Last Kabbalist Of Lisbon (1998) 1506 Lisbon
Seventh Gate (2012) 1932 Berlin
Warsaw Anagrams (2011) 1940 Poland
Zimmerman, Jean Orpahnmaster (2012) 1663 New York
Savage Girl (2014) 1876 New York
Ziskin, James Cast the First Stone (2017) 1962 Los Angeles
Styx and Stone (2013) 1960 New York
Zochert, Donald Murder in the Hellfire Club (1978) 1775 London
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