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Blair, JMC Excalibur Murders (2008) aw England
Lancelot Murders (2009) aw England
Blaylock, James Lord Kelvin's Machine (2014) Steampunk Vic England
Brackstock, P. J. Gretel and the Case of the Missing Frog Prints 1776 Germany
Brennan, Thomas Doktor Glass (2013) (Steampunk) Vic England
Chance, Maia Beauty, Beast & Belladonna (2016) 1700's Europe
Snow White, Red-Handed (2014) 1867 England
Cogman, Genevieve Invisible Library (2015) Vic England
Masked City (2016) Vic England
Correia, Larry Hard Magic (2011) - See Listings Under Fantasy 1930's USA
Elrod, P.N. Art in the Blood (1991) 1930's Chicago
Blood Circle (1998) 1930's Chicago
Bloodlist (1990) 1930's Chicago
Blood on the Water (1992) 1930's Chicago
Chill in the Blood. (1998) 1937 Chicago
Cold Streets (2003) 1938 Chicago
Dark Road Rising (2009) 1930's Chicago
Dark Sleep (1999) 1930's Chicago
Elrod, P.N., Editor Dracula in London (2004) 1890's London
Fire in the Blood (?) 1930's Chicago
Lady Crymsyn (2001) 1930's Chicago
Life Blood (1990) 1930's Chicago
Red Death (1993) 1770's USA
Song in the Dark (2005) 1930's Chicago
Garrett, Randall Lord Darcy (2002) 1000's England
Lee, Tanith Faces Under Water (2002) 1700's Venice
McElwain, Julie A Murder in Time
A Twist in Time
Newman, Kim Anno Dracula (1994) Vic England
Bloody Red Baron (1995) WWI France
Hound of the Durbervilles (2011) Vic London
Judgment of Tears (?) 1959 Rome
Podrug, Junius Dark Passage (2003) AW Israel
Reese, James The Dracula Dossier (2009) Vic Transylvania
Rosen, Lev All Men of Genius (2012) Steampunk Vic England
Sansom, C.J. Dominion (2012) 1952 England
Stoker, Darce Dracula, The Undead (2009) 1912 London
Yarbro, Chelsea Better in the Dark (1993) 937 Saxony
Blood Games (1979) AD Rome
Blood Roses (1998) 1345 France
Candle for d'Artagnan (1989) 17th c. France
Communion Blood (1999) 1600's Rome
Crusader's Torch (1988) 12th c. Rome
Darker Jewels (1993) 16th c. Russia
Flame in Byzantium (1987) 6th c. Byzantium
Hotel Transylvania (1978) 18th c. Paris
Mansions of Darkness (1996) 1640 Peru
Midnight Harvest (2003) 1930's California
Night Blooming (2002) 700's Paris
Out of the House of Life (1990) 19th c. Egypt
The Palace (1978) 15th c. Florence
Path of The Eclipse (1981) 13th Asia
Tempting Fate (1982) 1917-28 Europe
Writ in Blood (1997) 1912 Russia


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