Alvey, J.M Scorpions in Corinth (Philocles #2)
Shadow of Athens (Philocles #1) 443 bc Greece
Apostolou, Anna See Doherty, Paul
Ashley, Mike Classical Whodunnits: murder and mystery in Greece and Rome (1997) A.W. Greece/Rome
Mammoth Book of Roman Whodunnits (2003) Var. Rome
Mammoth Book of Ancient Egyptian Whodunnits Var. Egypt
Atherton, Gertrude Golden Peacock (1936) 20 b.c. Rome
Bell, Albert All Roads Lead to Murder (2002) 83 ad Rome
Blood of Caesar (2007) ad Rome
Corpus Conundrum (2014) 84 ad Rome
Death in the Ashes (2013) 84 ad Rome
Eyes of Aurora (2014) 84 ad Rome
Fortune's Fool (2017) 84 ad Rome
The Gods Help Those aw Rome
Hiding from the Past (Pliny the Younger #8) aw Rome
Benton, Kenneth Death on the Appian Way 1st Cent B.C. Rome
Blackburn, John Flame and the Wind (1967) 30 a.d. Jerusalem
Bradshaw, Gillian Island of Ghosts (1998) 2nd Cent. Rome
Blair, JMC Excalibur Murders (2008) aw England
Lancelot Murders (2009) aw England
Pendragon Murders (2010) aw England
Blake, Richard Blood of Alexander (2011) 612 Rome
Conspiracies of Rome (2011) 609 Rome
Ghosts of Athens (2013) 612 Rome
Terror of Constantinople (2011) 610 Rome
Boast, Philip Son of Heaven (2007) 64 ad Asia
The Third Princess (2006) AW Britain
Burns, Ron Roman Nights (1991) 52-43b.c. Rome
Roman Shadows (1992) 52-43b.c.
Cardam, Jay Numerius Meridius Pulcher and the Case of the Not so Virgin Vestial (2017) 62 ad Rome
Numerius Meridius Pulcher and the Case of the Syrian Salves and Slippery Slopes (2017) 62 ad Rome
The Perfectly Prodigious Prefect (Numerius Meridius Pulcher Book 3) 62 ad Rome
Chavarria, Daniel Eye of Cybele (2002) 5th Cent b.c. Greece
Christie, Agatha Death Comes as an End (1945) 2000 bc Egypt
Connell, Charles Meet Me at Philippi (1948) c. 50b.c. Rome
Most Delicious Poison (1951) c.50.b.c. Mid East
Corby, Gary Death Ex Machina (2015) 460 bc Athens
Death on Delos (2017) 545bc Athens
Ionia Sanction (2011) 460 bc Athens
Marathon Conspiracy (2014) aw Athens
The Pericles Commission (2010) aw Athens
Sacred Games (2013) 460 Athens
Singer From Memphis 2016) 460 Athens
Davis, Lindsey The Accusers (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 15)  75-76 a.d. Rome
Alexandria (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 19) 77 Egypt
A Body in the Bathhouse (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 13)  75 a.d. Rome
A Capitol Death (Flavia Albia Series Book 7)
Deadly Election (Flavia Albia Series Book 3)  89 Rome
A Dying Light in Corduba (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 8)  73 a.d. Spain
Enemies at Home (Flavia Albia Mystery Series Book 2)  ad Rome
The Grove of the Caesars (Flavia Albia Series Book 8) ad Rome
The Graveyard of the Hesperides (Flavia Albia Series Book 4) ad Rome
The Ides of April (Flavia Albia Mystery Series Book 1)  ad Rome
The Iron Hand of Mars (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 4)  71 a.d. Germany
The Jupiter Myth (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 14)  75 London
Last Act in Palmyra (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 6)  72 a.d. Mid East
Nemesis (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 20)  77ad Rome
Ode to a Banker (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 12) 74 a.d. Rome
One Virgin Too Many (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 11) ? ?
Pandora's Boy (Flavia Albia Series Book 6) 79 ad Rome
Poseidon's Gold (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 5)  72 a.d. Rome
Saturnalia (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 18)  76 ad Rome
Scandal Takes a Holiday (Marcus Didius Falco Book 16)  ? Ostia
See Delphi and Die (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 17)  76 ad Rome
Shadows in Bronze (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 2)  71 a.d. Rome
The Silver Pigs (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 1)  70 a.d. England
The Spook Who Spoke Again (kindle) 70 a.d. England
Three Hands in the Fountain (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 9) 73 a.d. Rome
The Third Nero (Flavia Albia Series Book 5)  90 ad Rome
Time to Depart (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 7)  72 a.d. England
Two for the Lions (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 10) 73. a.d. Rome
Venus in Copper (Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries Book 3)  71 a.d. Rome
Vesuvius at Night (2017) Kindle 79 ad Rome
Doherty, P.C. Anubis Slayings (Amerotke Book 3) 1479- 1478 b.c. Egypt
Assassins of Isis (Amerotke Book 5) 1479- 1478 b.c. Egypt
Death of Alexander (2004) (Alexander the Great) ? Greece
Domina (2002) (Rome Series Book 1) ? Rome
An Evil Spirit Out of the West (Akhenaten Trilogy, Book 1) 1479 - 1478 b.c. Egypt
The Gates of Hell (Telamon Triology, Book 3) 334 b.c. Greece
The Godless Man (Telamon Triology, Book 2) 334 b.c. Greece
Horus Killings (1999) (Amerotke Book 2) 1479 b.c. Egypt
The House of Death (Telamon Triology, Book 1) 334 b.c. Greece
Mask of Ra (1998) (Amerotke Book 1) 1479 b.c. Egypt
Murder Imperial (Rome Series Book 2) 313 a.d. Rome
A Murder in Macedon (Alexander the Great Mysteries, Book 1) 336 b.c. Greece
A Murder in Thebes (Alexander the Great Mysteries, Book 2) 335 b.c. Greece
Murder's Immortal Mask (Rome Series Book 5) 314 ad Rome
Queen of the Night (Rome Series Book 4) 313 a.d. Rome
Poisoner of Ptah (2007) (Amerotke Book 6) 1479 b.c. Egypt
The Season of the Hyaena (Akhenaten Trilogy, Book 2) ? Egypt
Slayers of Seth (Amertoke Book 4) 1478 b.c. Egypt
Song of a Gladiator (Rome Series Book 3) 313 Rome
Spies of Sobeck (2008) (Amerotke Book 7) 1479 b.c. Egypt
The Year of the Cobra (Akhenaten Trilogy, Book 3) AW Egypt
Doody, Margaret Aristotle and Poetic Justice (2002) 330 b.c. Greece
Aristotle and the Secrets of Life 330 b.c. Mykonos
Aristotle, Detective (1978) 332 b.c. Greece
Death in Eleusis (2005) 332 b.c. Greece
Poison in Athens (2004) 330 b.c. Greece
Downie, Ruth Caveat Emptor (2011) 118 ad Britain
Medicus & The Disappearing Dancing Girls (2006) 117 ad Britain
Persona Non Grata (2009) 118 ad Britain
Ruso and the Demented Doctor (2008) 118 ad Britain
Ruso and the Root of All Evils (2010) 118 ad Britain
Semper Fidelis (2012) 118 ad Britain
Tabula Rasa (2014) 118 ad Britain
Terra Incognita (2008) 118 ad Britain
Vita Brevis (2016) 118 ad Britain
Drake, Nick Book of Chaos (2011) 1320 bc Egypt
Book of Shadows (2011) BC Egypt
Nefertiti (2006) BC Egypt
Tutankhamun (2008) bc Egypt
Edwards, Michael Murder at the Panionic Games (2001) 650 b.c. Greece
Finnis, Jane A Bitter Chill (2005) 95 ad Britain
Buried Too Deep (2008) 98 ad York
Danger in the Wind (2012) 100 ad Britain
Get Out or Die (2003) 91 ad Britain
Shadows in the Night (2011) a/k/a/ Get Out or Die 91 ad Britain
Ford, Margaret Last Pagan (2002) 360 a.d. Greece
Freisenbruch, Allelise Rivals of the Republic (2016) 70 bc Rome
Friesner, Esther Druid's Blood (?) Claudius Rome
Gale, Elizabeth Julia Valeria (1950) 19 b.c. Rome
Geagley, Brad Day of the False King (2006) 1153 b.c Egypt
Year of the Hyenas (2005) 1150 b.c. Egypt
Gill, Anton City of Dreams (1993) 1361 bc Egypt
City of the Dead (1993)
City of the Horizon (1991)
Gray, Charles E. Murder Defies the Roman Emperor 117-138 a.d. Rome
Green, George Hawk (2005) 34 ad Rome
Greenwood, Kerry Electra (1996) B.C. Greece
Out of the Black Land (2013) 1335 bc Egypt
Hambly, Barbara Quirinal Hill Affair (1983) 116 a.d. Rome
Haney, Lauren Cruel Deceit (2002) BC Egypt
Curse of Silence (2000) BC Egypt
Face Turned Backwards (1999) BC Egypt
Flesh of the God (2002) BC Egypt
Path of Shadows (2003) BC Egypt
Place of Darkness (2001) BC Egypt
Right Hand of Amon (1997) 1464 bc Egypt
Vile Justice (1999) BC Egypt
Harmon, Paula Murder Britannica (Book1) 190
Murder Durnovaria (Murder Britannica Book 2) 191
Murder Saturnalia (Murder Britannica Book 3) 192 England
Hatten, Patrick Champion of the Dead (2004) 400 b.c. Athens
Hayes, J.M. Spirit and the Skull (2014) AW Pangea
Hays, Tony Beloved Dead (2011) 600's Wales
The Divine Sacrifice (2010) 600's Wales
The Killing Way (2009) 600's Wales
Holland, Tom Attis (1995) 60-55 b.c. Rome
Sleeper in the Sands (1999) BC Egypt
Hudson, Roger Death Comes By Amphora (2008) 461 b.c. Athens
Irwin, Wallace Julius Caesar Murder Case (1935) 44 b.c. Rome
Jacq, Christian Assassinated Pyramid (2002) B.C. Egypt
Beneath the Pyramid (2004) B.C. Egypt
Ramses: Battle of Kadesh (1998) B.C. Egypt
Ramses: Eternal Temple (1998) B.C. Egypt
Ranses: Lady of Abu Simbel (1998) B.C. Egypt
Ramses: Son Of Light (1997) B.C. Egypt
Ramses: Under the Western Acacia (1999) B.C. Egypt
Secrets of the Desert (2004) aw Egypt
Karr, Phyllis Idylls of the Queen (1982) 500 a.d. UK
Kears, Steven The House of Tiberius (Lucius Marius Nola Mystery Book 3) 72 ad Rome
The Tunnels Of Deliverance (Lucius Marius Nola Mystery Book 2) 72 ad Rome
Twelve Miles From Rome (Lucius Marius Nola Mystery Book 1) 71 ad Rome
Killeen, Andrew Father of Locks (2013) 800's Baghdad
Kalifah's Mirror (2014) 800's Baghdad
Kristjansson, Snorri Kin (Helga Finnsdottir #1) 970 Norway
Larkin, Patrick The Tribune (2003) 19 ad Palestine
Lawrence, Isabelle Theft of the Golden Ring (1948) 63 b.c. Rome
Levey, Michael An Affair on the Appian Way (1984) 97-117 a.d. Rome
Levin, Lee King Tut's Private Eye (1996) B.C. Egypt
Locke, Thomas To the Ends of the Earth (1996) 338 a.d. Holy Roman Empire
Macbain, Bruce Bull Slayer (2013) 103 ad Rome
Odin's Child (2015) 96 ad Norway
Roman Games (2010) 96 a.d. Rome
Mandino, Og Christ Commission (1980) 32 a.d. Rome
Manfredi, Valerio Ides of March (2010) aw Rome
Mayer, Eric See listings under Reed, Mary _ _
Meher, Assph Murder in Abstentia (2015) aw Rome
Nelson, Ray Dogheaded Death (1989) 67 a.d. Rome
Noyer, Albert Cybeline Conspiracy (2005) 400's Mainz
Saint's Day Deaths (2001) 406 a.d. Mainz
Secundus Papyrus (2003) 400's Ravenna
O'Hagan, Joan Roman Death (1988) 45 b.c. Rome
Pastor, Ben The Fire Walker (2008) 304 ad Rome
The Water Thief (2007) 304 ad Rome
Perry, Anne Thou Shalt Not Kill (2005) AW Judea
Ramsay, Frederick Copper Kettle (2016) ad Jerusalem
Eigth Veil (2012) 28 ad Jerusalem
Holy Smoke (2012) 29ad Jerusalem
The Wolf and the Lamb (2015) 29ad Jerusalem
Reed, Mary & Eric Mayer An Empire for Ravens (2018)
Eight for Eternity (2010) 532 Byzantium
Five for Silver (2004) 542 Byzantium
Four For A Boy (2002) 525 Byzantium
Murder in Megara (2015) 548 Byzantium
Nine for the Devil (2012) 548 Byzantium
One For Sorrow (1999) 535a.d. Byzantium
Seven For A Secret (2008) 542 Byzantium
Six for Gold (2005) 542 Byzantium
Ten for Dying (2014) 548 Byzantium
Three For A Letter (2002) 539 ad Byzantium
Two For Joy (2000) 537a.d. Byzantium
Richards, Kel Case of the Damascus Dagger (1994) 1stcenB.C. Rome
Case of the Dead Certainty (1995) 1stcenB.C. Rome
Case of the Vanishing Corpse (199) 30 a.d. Jerusalem
Clues for Armchair Detectives: Investigations into the first Easter (1991) 30 a.d. Jerusalem
Ripley, Mike Boudica and the Lost Roman AW Britainnia
Roberts, John M SPQR 10: A Point in Law (2006) Aw Rome
SPQR 2: Catiline Conspiracy (1991) 63b.c.
SPQR 1: Kings Gambit (1990) 70b.c.
SPQR 6: No Body Loves A Centurion (1994) 58 b.c. Rome
SPQR 12: Oracle of the Dead (2008) AW Rome
SPQR 9: Princess & the Pirate (1997) 53b.c.
SPQR 8: River God's Vengeance (1996) 70 bc Rome
SPQR 3: Sacrilege (1992) Cicero
SPQR 5: Saturnalia (1993)
SPQR 4: Temple of the Muses (1992) 60b.c.
SPQR 7: Tribune's Curse (1995)
SPQR 11: Under Vesuvius (2007) ? Rome
SPQR 13: Year of Confusion (2009) ? Rome
Robinson, Lynda Drinker of Blood (1999) 1350 b.c. Egypt
Eater of Souls (1997) 1350 b.c. Egypt
Murder at the Feast of Rejoicing (1996) 1350 b.c. Egypt
Murder at the God's Gate (1995) 1350 b.c. Egypt
Murder in the Place of Anubis (1994) 1350 b.c. Egypt
Slayer of Gods (2001) 1350 b.c. Egypt
Rowe, Rosemary The Chariots of Calyx (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, book 4) 187 England
A Coin For The Ferryman (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, book 9) 189 England
Dark Omens (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain Book 14) 180's England
Death at Pompeia's Wedding (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain Book 10) 189 England
Enemies of the Empire (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, book 7) 188 England
The Fateful Day (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain Book 15) 190's England
The Germanicus Mosaic (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, book 1) 186 England
The Ghosts of Glevum (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, book 6) 187 England
The Ides of June (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain Book 16) 190's England
The Legatus Mystery (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, book 5) 187 England
Murder in the Forum (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, book 3 187 England
A Pattern of Blood (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, book 2) 186 England
Price of Freedom (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain Book 17) 190's England
A Prisoner of Privilege (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain Book 18) 194 England
Requiem for a Slave (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain Book 11) 189 England
A Roman Ransom (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, book 8) 188 England
Vestal Vanishes (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain Book 12) 189 England
Whispering of Spies (A Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain Book 13) 191 England
Saylor, Steven Arms of Nemesis (1992) 72b.c. Rome
Catalina's Riddle (1994) 63b.c. Rome
Gladiators Die Only Once (2005) 80 b.c. Rome
House of the Vestals (1997) 78-73 b.c. Rome
Judgment of Caesar (2004) 43 b.c. Egypt
Last Seen in Massilia (2000) 49 b.c. Rome
Mist of Prophecies (2002) 48 b.c. Rome
Murder on the Appian Way (1996) 53b.c. Rome
Raiders of the Nile (2014) 88 bc Egypt
Roman Blood (1991) 80 b.c. Rome
Rubicon (1999) 49 b.c. Rome
Seven Wonders (2012) 92 bc Rome
Throne of Caesar (2017) 44 bc Rome
Triumph of Caesar (2008) ? Rome
Venus Throw (1995) 56b.c. Rome
Wrath of the Furies (2015) 88 Rome
Scarrow, Simon Brothers in Blood (2015) 44 a.d. Britannia
Day of the Caesars 54 CE
Eagle and the Wolves (2003) 44 a.d. Britannia
Eagle's Prophecy (2009) 45 a.d. Rome
Invictus 54 CE Spain
Praetorian (2011) 50 ad Rome
Under The Eagle (2000) 43 a.d. Britannia
Scribner, Alan Across the River Styx: Judge Marcus Flavius Severus aw Rome
Cyclops Case (2013) AW Rome
Marcus Aurelius Betrayed (2015) AW Rome
Mars, the Avenger (2012) AW Rome
Mission to Athens (2017) AW Rome
The Persian Assassin: A Judge Marcus Flavius Severus Mystery Book 7 169 Rome
Return of Spartacus (2016) AW Rome
A Shipwreck Conspiracy (Judge Marcus Flavius Severus #8) 171
Severin, Tim Book of Dreams (2015) 780 Franklin
Severac, Benoit Pax Romana: The Aquitania Mysteries (2010) Aw Rome
Somoza, Jose Carlos The Athenian Murders (2002) 4th Cent b.c. Greece
Stabenow, Dana Death of an Eye (Eye of Isis Book 1) aw Egypt
Stanley, Kelli Curse-Maker (2011) 83 ad London
Nox Dormienda (2008) 83 ad London
Tassie, A.C. Death of a Blue Hero (1998) 26a.d. Rome
Death of a Vestal Virgin (2005) ? Rome
Thurston, Carol Eye of Horus (2000) AW Egypt
Todd, Marilyn Black Salamander (2000) 12 b.c. Gaul
Blind Eye (2007) 446 bc Athens
Blood Moon (2009) bc Rome
Dark Horse (2002) bc Rome
Dream Boat (2002) ? Rome
I, Claudia (1995) 13 b.c. Rome
Jail Bait (1999)
Man Eater (1997) 12 b.c. Outside Rome
Scorpio Rising (2006) bc. Rome
Second Act (2003) bc. Sicily
Still Waters (2010) bc Rome
Stone Cold (2005) bc Rome
Sword, Sandals and Sirens (2016) bc Rome
Virgin Territory (1996) 13b b.c. Sicily
Widow's Pique (2004) bc Rome
Wolf Whistle (1998)
Trop, June Deadliest Lie (2014) 46 bc Egypt
Wallace, Irwin Julius Caesar Murder Case (1935) AW Rome
Walsh, John E. Man Who Buried Jesus (1989) 33A.D. Jerusalem
Waters, Paul Cast Not the Day (2012) 200 bc Britain
Of Merchants and Heroes (2009) AW Greece/Rome
Republic of Vengeance (2012) AW Britain
White, Leslie Scorpus the Moor (1962) Nero Rome
Whitworth, V.M. Bone Thief (2012) aw Wessex
Williams, Jay Roman Moon Mystery (1948) 58a.d. Rome
Stolen Oracle (1943) 21b.c. Rome
Wishart, David Bodies Politic (2012) ad Rome
Family Commitments (2017) ad Rome
Finished Business (2014) 40 ad Rome
Food For The Fishes (2005) ad Rome
Foreign Bodies (2016) 42 ad Rome
Germanicus (1997) 14-19a.d. Rome
Horse Coin (1999) a.d. Rome
I, Virgil (1995) a.d. Rome
Illegally Dead (2008) ad Rome
In at the Death (2007) 34 a.d. Rome
Last Rites (2001) a.d. Rome
Lydian Baker (1998) a.d. Rome
Nero (1997) a.d. Rome
No Cause for Concern (2012) a.d. Rome
Old Bones (2000) a.d. Rome
Ovid (1995) 14-37 a.d. Rome
Parthian Shot (2004) ad Rome
Sejanus (1998) 30a.d. Rome
Solid Citizen (2013) 39 ad Rome
Trade Secrets (2017) 41 a.d. Rome
Vote for Murder (2002) a.d. Rome
White Murder (2002) 34 a.d Rome
Yarbro, Chelsea See Listings Under Fantasy 98a.d. Saxony

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