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Acks, Rachel Blood in Elk Creek
Curious Case of Miss Clementine Nimowitz and Her Exceedingly Tiny Dog
Do Shut Up, Mr. Sims
Murder on the Titania
Ugly Tin Orrery
Alexander, Marcel Moore for Less: The Kid
Moore for Less: The Husband
Archer, C.J. Sky Pirate (2011)
Ballentine, Pip Silver Linings
Dawn's Early Light
Janus Affair
Phoneix Rising
Ministry Protocol
Tales from the Archives - Short Stories
Diamond Conspiracy
Barnett, David Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon (2015)
Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl (2014) (Steampunk)
Berry, Jedediah Manual of Detection (2011)
Black, Michelle Second Glass of Absinthe (2003)
Solomon Spring (2002)
Uncommon Enemy (2001)
Carr, Viola Diabolical Miss Hope (2015)
Carriger, Gail Blameless
Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wasn't, the Mummy that Was and the Cat in the Jar
Carter, Stanley Steam Sleuth: Ill Fated Flight of the Bad Ship Petty Snark
Steam Sleuth: Concerning the Demise of Sir Waldraff Fammory Bleen
Cato, Beth Clockwork Crown (2015)
Clockwork Dagger (2014)
Chandos, Dominic Grasped in an Iron Hand
Clark, Melody Shamus Bead and the Cure for What Kills You
Shamus Bead and the Clockwork Ressurection Man
Coorlim, Michael Bartelby and James
A Gentlewoman's Chronicles
Dreams of the Damned
And They Call Her Spider
Maiden Voyage of the Rio Grande
On the Trail of the Scissorman
A Matter of Spirit
March of the Cogmen
Sky Pirates Over London
Crilley, Paul Lazarus Machine
Osiris Curse
Cross, Kady Girl with the Iron Touch
Girl with the Windup Heart
Girl wit the Clockwork Collar
Girl in the Steel Corset
Cullen, Ciar Steamside Chronicles
Dann, Jack Ghosts By Gaslight (2011)
Dickson & Wasson Colt Coltrane and the Lotus Killer 1947
Colt Coltrane and the Harrowing Heights of Hollywood Land
Dolley, Chris What Ho, Automata
Aunt Paradox
Doyle and Odom Affair of the Wooden Boy
Duncan, Rod Bullet Catcher's Daughter (2014)
Edinger, R. Lost City of Steam
Forgotten King
Journey into the Night
Into the Fire Storm
Erickson, D.A.] My Clockwork Muse
A Midnight Dreary
Exley, A.W. Nefertiti's Heart
Hatshepsut's Collar
Nero's Fiddle
Unicorn's Tail
Fletcher, M.J. Detective Inspectors
Impossible Engineers
Candlestick Christmas
Skeleton Key Guild
Mapmaker's Union
Doorknob Society
Victorian Express
Clockwork Christmas
Gleason, Colleen Spiritglass Charade
Clockwork Scarab
Goulart, Ron Curse Of The Obelisk (1987)
Prisoner Of Blackwood Castle (1987)
Hall, Ian Clockwork Killer
Hall, Joanne, editor Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion
Hendrix, Grady Dead Leprechauns and Devil Cats
Hodder, Mark Curious Case of the Clockwork Man (2011)
Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon (2012)
Return of the Discontinued Man (2014)
Secret of Abdu El Yezdi (2014)
Strange Case of Springheeled Jack (2010
Rise of the Automated Aristocrats
Master's Mummy
Great, Great, Great (and So Forth) Uncle Dragoslav
Hetrodythemaline Highwayman
Holloway, Emma A Study in Silk
A Study in Ashes
A Study in Darkness
Baskerville Tales
Howard, Jonathan Johannes Cabal, The Detective
Cabal and the Fear Institute
The Brothers Cabal
Cabal the Necromancer
Exeunt Demon King
Cabal and the Blustery Day
Jeter, K.W. Fiendish Schemes
Kramer, Ivan Engines of Empire
Armageddon Arising
Laking, I.H. What Went Wrong with Mrs. Millards Mech?
The Vanishing Villa
Lawson, Corrina Curse of the Brimstone Contract
Luchuk, David Lincoln and the Golden Circle
Buchuolz and the Blockade
A Burglar's Fate
Sleepwalker and the City
Boatman and the Traitor
Lynn and Brittan Clocks of London
Mann, George The Affinity Bridge (2010)
Casebook of Newbury & Hobbes
Executioner's Heart
Immortality Engine. (2014)
The Osiris Ritual (2010)
Martin, P.C. Steam Punk Holmes
Mayer, Andrew Falling Machine _
Musgrave, Jim Steam Cit Pirates
Disappearance at Mount Sinai
Jane the Grabber
Payton, T. Aaron Constantine Affliction
Phrophet, Eleanor Astrid Darby and the Eye of Ra
Astrid Darby and the Laughing Coffin
Astrid Darby and the Circus in the Sky
Pitt, Darrell Broken Sun
Secret Abyss
Firebird Mystery
Steampunk Detective
Priest, Cherie Inexplicables (Steampunk) 1863 Scotland
Pulley, Natsha Bedlam Stacks (2017) Steampunk 1859 England
Resnick, Mike Buntline Special (2010) (Steampunk)
Doctor and the Dionsaurs (2014)
Doctor and the Kid (2011) Steampunk
Doctor and the Rough Rider (2012) Steampunk
Reynolds, George Mysteries of London
Rickon, James Adventures of Augustus Fuller
For King and Country
Shadows Behind the Throne
Aldbury Devil
Spark of Brilliance
Saintcrow, Lillith Damnation Affair
Iron Wyrm Affair
Red Plague Affair
Ripper Affair
Slade, Arthur Hunchback Assignments
Hunchback Assignments: The Dark Deeps
Hunchback Assingments: Empire Of Ruins
Strange, Callliope Aeryn Daring and the Scientific Detective
Stone, Sam Kat on a Hot Tin Airship
What's Dead PussyKat
Zombies at Tiffany's
Tidhar, Lavie The Bookman (2010)
Violent Century (2015)
Turnbull, Steve Murder Out of the Blue (2014)
Blood Sky at Night
Halo Round the Moon
Valtat, Jean C. Aurorama
Luninous Chaos (2013)
Watsain, Elizabeth Sundark
Dark Victorian: Risen
Dark Victorian: Bones
Ice Demon
West, Hazel A Case of Poisons
Wright, Kevin Slum Chutney


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