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Had a great trip to New Orleans. If you get the opportunity to visit the National WWII Museum, please do. It is a great experience.

But enough nattering. Books! Go! Read!

Alexander, Tasha Death in St. Petersburg (2017) 1890's Russia
Baker, Abbey Dance of the Spider Monkey (2017) 1921 England
Bell, Albert Fortune's Fool (2017) 84 ad Rome
Black, Benjamin Wolf on a String (2017) 1599 Prague
Bradley, Alan The Grave is a Fine and Private Place (2017) 1950 England
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries Rights a Wrong (2017) 19th England
Brooke, Issy Continental Gentleman (2017) Vic England
Carr, Matthew Devils of Cardona (2017) 1584 Spain
Carter, M.J. Devil's Feast (2017) 1842 London
Castle, Anna Death by Disputation Med England
Murder by Misrule Med England
Publish and Perish Med England
Widows Guild Med England
Chance, Maia Gin and Panic (2016) 1920's New York
Chisholm, P.F. Priced Above Rubies (2017) 1592 Carlisle
Christie, William A Single Spy (2017) 1943 Iran
Clare, Alys Devil's Cup (2017) 1216 England
Corby, Gary Death on Delos (2017) 460 bc Athens
Cotterill, Colin Ratcatcher's Olympics (2017) 1980 Laos
Crichton, Michael Dragon Teeth 1876 USA
Davis, Lindsey The Third Nero (2017) 90 ad Rome
DeLa Muriel, Oscar Fever of the Blood (2017) 1889 England
Edmondson, Elizabeth Matter of Loyalty (2017) 1953 England
Evans, Claire Fourteenth Letter (2017) 1881 England
Flynn, Sabrina A Bitter Draught Vic England
From the Ashes Vic England
Record of Blood Vic England
Goldberg, Leonard Daughter of Sherlock Holmes (2017) 1914 England
Grant, Richard Cave Dwellers (2017) 1938 USA
Grant, Tracy Guilded Deceit (2017) 1819 London
Greenwood, Kerry Bound By Mystery (2107) 20's Melbourne
Harris, Gregory Endicott Evil (2017) Vic England
Howard of Warwick The Case of the Curious Corpse (2017) 1066 England
Huber, Anna Lee Pressing Engagement (2017) 1831 Scotland
Hughes, Andrew Coroner's Daughter (2017) 1816 Dublin
Jameson, Emma Doctor Bones and the Lost Love Letter (2017) 1939 England
Kanon, Joseph Defectors, The (2017) 1961 Berlin
Kasasian, Martin Secrets of Gaslight Lane (2017) 1882 London
Kutscher, Volker Babylon Berlin (2017) 1929 Berlin
Lyle, H.B. Irregular: A Different Class of Spy (2017) 1909 London
Maxwell, Alyssa Devious Death (2017) LBE Rhode Island
Parker, Kate Detecting Duchess (2017) Vic London
Pasternak, Simon Death Zones (2017) 1943 Belarussia
Patrick, Renee Dangerous to Know (2017) 1938 Los Angeles
Perez, Miguelina Cocoa Conspiracy (2017) Reg London
Vicar's Deadly Sin (2016) Reg. London
Peters, Elizabeth Painted Queen (2017) 1912 Egypt
Potzsch, Oliver Play of Death (2017) 1666 Bavaria
Quick, Amanda Girl Who Knew Too Much (2017) 1930's Los Angeles
Raybourn, Deanna A Treacherous Curse (2017) 1886 England
Rhys, Rachel Dangerous Crossing (2017) 1939 At Sea
Ribchester, Lucy Amber Shadows (2017) 1942 England
Hourglass Factory (2017) 1912 England
Scribner, Alan Mission to Athens (2017) AW Rome
Sheridan, Sara London Calling (2017) 1950's England
Simpson, Rosemary What the Dead Leave Behind (2017) 1800's New York
Strauss, Lee Murder at Bray Manor 1930's England
Murder at Hartigan House 1930's England
Murder on the S.S. Rosa 1930's England
Swiffen, Ann Huntsman Tale (2017) Med Oxford
Vastal, Radha Murder Between The Lines (2017) 1915 New York
Vidich, Paul Good Assassin (2017) 1958 Cuba
Weaver, Ashley Intrigue in Capri (2017) 1930 USA
Welsh, Kate Wages of Sin (2017) 1882 Scotland
Wendeberg, Annelie Spider Silk (2017) Vic England
Whishaw, Iona Death in a Darkening Mist (2017) 1946 Canada
Wikarski, Nancy Shrouded in Thought (2017) 1890's Chicago
Wilson, Andrew A Talent for Murder (2017) 1926 England

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