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Sorry I'm running a bit late with this update. Still dealing with Mom estate issues. I suppose one day it will all be settled and the last bits of her physical existence dealt with. Not sure how I will feel about that. Although I know she is gone - dealing with the estate has kept her in my mind quite a bit.

But enough nattering. Books! Go! Read!

Adams, Jane Murder Book (2016) 1928 England
Airth, Rennie Death of Kings (2016) 1949 England
Alfieri, Annamaria Idol of Mobasa (2016) 1911 Africa
Block, Lawrence, editor In Sunlight and In Shadow (2017) 1920's - 1930's Various
Brody, Frances Death in the Dales (2017) 1920's York
Brooke, Issy Daughters of Disguise (2016) Vic Wales
In the House of Secrets and Lies (2016) Vic England
Buckley, Fiona Heretic's Creed (2016) 1570 England
Burnett, Graeme His Bloody Project (2016) 1869 England
Cahoon, Colin Man with the Black Box (2016) 1900 England
Casey, Donis Return of the Raven Mocker (2016) 1918 Oklahoma
Clare, Alys Rustle of Silk (2016) 1603 Devon
Costner, Kevin & John Baird Explorer's Guild (2016) WWI Asia
Dunn, Carola Buried in the Country (2016) 1960's Cornwall
Goldberg, Paul The Yid (2016) 1953 Moscow
Gregory, Susanna Executioner of St. Paul's (2016) (Chaloner) 1665 London
Griffiths, Elly Blood Card (2016) 1950 England
Howard of Warwick The Case of the Clerical Cadaver (2016) 1066 England
Hunt, Andrew Desolation Flats (2016) 1906 San Francisco
Jameson, Emma Divorce Can Be Deadly (2016) 1939 England
Marriage Can Be Murder (2014) 1939 England
Kinsey, T.E. In the Market for Murder (2016) 1908 England
A Quiet Life in the Country (2015) 1908 England
Korreto, R.J. Death Among the Rubies (2016) LBE England
LeMaitre, Pierre The Great Swindle (2016) 1918 France
Lloyd, Catherine Death Comes to the Fair (2016) 1816 England
MacNeal, Susan The Paris Spy (2017) 1940's France
Marston, A.E. The Enemy Within (2017) 1916 London
Maxwell, Alyssa Murder at Chateau Sur Mer (2017) LBE Rhode Island
McCallin, Luke Divided City (2017) WWII Germany
McNamara, Frances Death at the Paris Exposition (2017) 1900 Paris
Mills, Mark Where Dead Men Meet (2016) 1937 France
Morrell, David River of the Night (2016) 1855 London
Owen, K.B. Beloved and Unseemly (2016) 1880's London
Parker, Robert Blackjack (2016) 1880's The West
Pronzini, Bill Dangerous Ladies Affair (2016) 1893 San Francisco
Ramsay, Frederick Copper Kettle (2016) ad Jerusalem
Rowland, Laura Ripper's Shadow (2017) 1888 London
Royal, Priscilla Pround Sinner (2017) 1282 Norfolk
Sandrolini, John My Kind of Town (2017) 1940's Chicago
Sansom, Ian Essex Poison (2017) 1937 England
Trow, M. J. The Angel (2016) 1870 Kent
Whishaw, Iona Killer in King's Cove (2017) 1946 Canada
Wilde, Dancie A Purely Private Affair (2017) Reg London
Wishart, David Trade Secrets (2017) 41 a.d. Rome
Wortham, Reavis Unraveled (2017) 1968 Texas

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