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Well, the Astros not only made it to the World Series - they won! We were stoked! Well, actually we still are.

Unfortunately, our celebrations were cut short by the news that my husband has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Fortunately we found it early and he's only at State IIb. We are looking at seven weeks of chemo and radiation.

What that means to you is that I will trying to put together updates around my work schedule and his treatment schedule. So, January update gets posed in February. Hopefully he will be done by early April and things will settle down and I can get back to a more normal schedule.

I had planned some special updates to mark the 20th year I've been doing this, but Life had other ideas.

But enough nattering. Books! Go! Read!

Addison, Margaret Murder in the Folly (2017) 1930's London
Akunin, Boris All the World's a Stage (2017) 1881 London
Ashley, Jennifer Death Below Stairs (2017) 1881 London
Bolton, Guy The Pictures (2017) 1930's Hollywood
Cardam, Jay Numerius Meridius Pulcher and the Case of the Not so Virgin Vestial (2017) aw Rome
Numerius Meridius Pulcher and the Case of the Syrian Salves and Slippery Slopes (2017) aw Rome
Celestin, Ray Dead Man's Blues (2017) 1928 Chicago
Cornwell, Bernard Fools and Mortals (2017) 1600's England
Davis, Lindsey Pandora's Boy 79 ad Rome
Vesuvius at Night (2017) Kindle 79 ad Rome
Dobbs, Leigh Ann Baffling Burglaries of Bath (2017) Reg England
Doherty, Paul Dark Serpent (2017) (Hugh Corbett) 1312 England
Eastland, Sam Red Moth (2017) WWII Russia
Elliott, Jessica Murder in an English Village (2017) 1920's England
Finch, Charles Gone Before Christmas (2017) Kindle 1800's England
Woman in the Water (2017) 1850 London
Goldstone, Lawrence Deadly Cure (2017) 1849 New York
Grant, Tracy Midwinter Intrigue (2017) Vic London
Griffiths, Elly Vanishing Box (2017) 1953 Brighton
Gulvin, J.M. Long Count (2017) 1967 Texas
Hambly, Barbara Murder in July (2017) 1839 New Orleans
Harrison, Cora Shocking Assassination (2017) 1924 Cork
Hathaway, L.B. Christmas Case (2017) 1921 London
Howard of Warwick Brother Hermitage's Christmas Gift (2017) 1066 England
Murder for Mistress Owen (2017) 1066 England
Huber, Anna Lee A Brush with Shadows (2017) 1920's England
Kaaberbol, Lene Lady in Shadows (2017) 1894 France
Kasasian, Martin Dark Dawn Over Steep House (2017) 1882 London
Kears, Steven Twelve Miles From Rome (2017) 71 ad Rome
Tunnels of Deliverance (2017) 72 ad Rome
Lahlum, Hans Catalyst Killing (2017) 1970 Oslo
Chamelon People (2017) 1972 Oslo
Lin, Ed Snakes Can't Throw (2017) 1976 New York
Locke, M. Louise Kathleen Catches A Killer (2017) 1870's San Francisco
MacKenzie, AJ Body on the Doorstep (2017) 1796 Kent
Marston, Ed Christmas Railway Mystery (2017) 1860 England
Under Attack (2017) Homefront 1916 London
Massey, Sujata Widows of Malabar Hill (2017) 1921 Bombay
Maxwell, Alyssa Murder at Ocre Court (2017) LBE Rhode Island
Morrell, David Opium Eater (2017) 1855 London
Mount, Toni Colour of Murder (2018) 1478 London
Myers, M. Ruth Dames Fight Harder (Kindle) 1930's Ohio
Maximum Moxie (Kindle) 1930's Ohio
Nickson, Chris Tin God (2017) 1897 Leeds
Organ, Emily Maid's Secret (2018) 1884 London
Perry, Anne Christmas Return (2017) (Cumming-Gould) 1800's England
Echo of Murder (2017) (Monk & Latterly) 1864 London
Quincy, D.M. Murder in Mayfair (2017) 1810 London
Renzo, Manetti Secret of San Miniato (2017) 1207 Florence
Rowe, Rosemary Price of Freedom (2017) 190's England
Rowland, Laura A Mortal Likeness (2018) 1889 London
Saylor, Steven Throne of Caesar (2017) 44 bc Rome
Thompson, Victoria City of Lies (2017) 1917 New York
Trent, Christine No Cure for the Dead (2017) 1853 London
Tyler, L.C. Fire (2017) 1666 London
Walters, Minette Last Hours (2017) 1348 London
Wishart, David Family Commitments (2017) ad Rome
Woodbury, Sarah Favored Son (2017) 1147 Wales

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