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Busy Summer. Work has taken up too much of both our time. Rooting for the Houston Astros has taken up just about all the rest. Keeping our fingers crossed that the Astros make it to the World Series. Go Stros!

But enough nattering. Books! Go! Read!

Birkby, Michell House on Baker Street (2017) Vic London
Bowen, Rhys Ghost of Christmas Past (2017) 1906 Buffalo, NY
Bradshaw, Mel Winner's Loss (2017) 1927 Toronto
Brockmole, Jessica Woman Enters Left (2017) 1952 Hollywood
Brody, Frances Death at the Seaside (2017) 1920's York
Death in the Stars (2017) 1920's York
Buckley, Fiona Deadly Betrothal (2017) 1570's England
Charlton, Karen Plague Pits and River Bones (2018) 1812 England
Collins, Max Quarry's Climax (2017) 1975 Memphis
Dickinson, David Death Comes to Lynchester Close (2013) 1913 England
Dobbs, Leigh Ann An Invitation to Murder (2016) Reg England
Murder by Misunderstanding (2017) 1920's USA
Duncan, Alice Spirits United (2017) (Gumm) 1920's Passadena
Estevano, Jessica Whispers of Warning (2017) 1898 Canada
Estleman, Loren Ballad of Black Bart (2017) 1875 California
Fellowes, Jessica Mitford Murders (2017) 1920's England
Florkiewiz, Lynn Lord James & the Easter Mystery (2017) 1950's York
Gaind, Arjin Death at the Dunbar (2017) 1911 India
Gray, Julianna Strange Scottish Shore (2017) Vic Scotland
Gregory, Susanna Habit of Murder (2017) 1360 Suffolk
Griffiths, Elly Smoke & Mirrors (2017) 1952 England
Gross, Andrew One Man (2017) 1940's Germany
Harris, C.S. Why Kill the Innocent (2017) 1814 London
Howard of Warwick The Case of the Cantankerous Carcass (2017) 1066 England
Jecks, Michael Murder Too Soon, A (2017) 1554 London
Jennings, Maureen Let Darkness Bury the Dead (2017) 1917 Toronto
Kang, Lydia Beautiful Poison (2017) lbe New York
Karp, Larry Ragtime Traveler (2017) 1899 Missouri
Kinsey, T.E. Death Around the Bend (2017) 1909 England
Lawton, John Friends and Traitors (2017) 1958 London
Limon, Martin Nine Tailed Fox (2017) 1970's Korea
Lin, Ed This is a Bust (2017) 1976 Vietnam
Marston, A.E. Circus Train Conspiracy (2017) 1850's England
McCrumb, Sharyn Unquiet Grave (2017) 1936 West Virginia
McPherson, Catriona Dandy Gliver and a Spot of Bother (2016) 1934 Scotland
Dandy Gliver and a Spot of Toil and Trouble (2017) 1934 Scotland
Mount, Toni Color of Betrayal (2017) Med London
Mukherjee, Abir A Necessary Man (2017) 1920 India
A Rising Man (2016) 1919 India
Mullen, Thomas Lightning Men (2017) 1949 Georgia
Nickson, Chris Hollywell Dead (2018) 1364 Leeds
Year of the Gun (2018) 1944 London
Organ, Emily Rookery (2017) 1884 London
Murder at Half Moon House (2018) 1814 London
Stolen Letters 1813 London
Perry, Anne An Echo of Murder (2017) (Monk) 1870's London
Price, Steven By Gaslight (2017) Vic London
Pulley, D.M. Buried Book (2017) 1952 USA
Pulley, Natsha Bedlam Stacks (2017) Steampunk 1859 England
Quinn, Kate Alice Network (2017) 1947 Europe
Reed, Eric Ruined Stones (2017) 1941 England
Ribchester, Lucy Amber Shadows (2017) 1942 England
Ryan, Kate Lost Spy (2017) 1949 Paris
Schutt, Bill & Finch, J.R. Himalayan Codex (2017) 1946 New York
Simpson, Rosemary Lies that Comfort and Betray (2018) 1800's New York
Smith, Fiona Kill Fee (2017) 1920's London
Spann, Susan Betrayal at Iga (2017) 1565 Kyoto
Stewart, Amy Miss Kopp's Midnight Confession (2017) 1916 New Jersey
Strauss, Lee Murder at Feathers and Flair (2017) 1924 England
Sykes, S.D. City of Masks (2017) 1351 Kent
Thomas, Sherry Conspiracy in Bellgravia (2017) Vic London
Thomas, Will Old Scores (2017) 1890 London
Todd, Charles A Causalty of War (2017) Bess Crawford 1919 England
Tremayne, Peter Night of the Lightbringer (2017) 671 Ireland
Trigian, Arriane Kiss Carlo (2017) 1949 Philadelphia
Upson, Nicola Nine Lessons (2017) 1937 London
Weeks, Stephen Countess of Prague (2017) 1904 Czech
Whishaw, Iona An Old Cold Grave (2017) 1946 Canada
Williams, Beatriz Coco Beach (2017) 1938 France
Winters, Cat The Steep and Thorny Way (2017) 1923 Oregon
Ziskin, James Cast the First Stone (2017) 1962 Los Angeles

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