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Spring is definitely here and all the pollen along with it. Fortunately, we have been getting some rain which has kept it a bit in check. We are trying to plan where to go on vacation this May. Looks like it will be a quick trip to New Orleans and taking in a couple of Astros games on the way back.

But enough nattering. Books! Go! Read!

Arlen, Tesa Death by Any Other Name (2017) 1914 London
Benn, James The Devouring (2017) 1944 Switzerland
Boreo, Lisa Richmond Thief (2017) 1811 England
Bowen, Rhys On Her Majesty's Frightfully Secret Service (2017) 1930's London
Chisholm, P.F. Clash of Spheres (2017) 1592 Scotland
Clements, Rory Corpus 2017) WWII Berlin
Cussler, Clive Cutthroat (2017) 1911 New York
Depoy, Philip English Agent (2017) 1605 Cambridge
Dickinson, David Death Comes to the Ballet Russes (2017) 1912 England
Dobbs, Leigh Ann Murder at Lowry House (2017) 1920's USA
Doherty, Paul Pligrimage to Murder (2017) (Brother Athelstan) 1381 London
Downing, David Lenin's Roller Coaster (2017) 1917 Asia
Edwards, Martin, editor Crimson Snow (2017) 1893 England
Ellis, Kate A High Mortality of Doves (2017) 1919 Darby
Emerson, Kathy Murder in a Cornish Alehouse (2017) 1584 England
Gardner, Ashley Murder at Carlton House (2017) 1800's London
Harper, Kate Plumb Pudding & Poison (2017) Reg England
That Hathaway Girl (2017) Reg England
Harrison, Cora An Unjust Judge (2017) 1519 Ireland
Hathaway, L.B. Murder of a Movie Star (2017) 1921 London
Hesse, Monica Girl in the Blue Coat (2017) 1943 Amsterdam
Huber, Anna Lee This Side of Murder (2017) 1920's England
Ifkovic, Edward Old News (2017) 1923 Chicago
Kerr, Phillip Prussian Blue (2017) 1956 Germany
LePore, J. Bone Keepers (2017) 1943 Germany
Marston, Edward Date With the Executioner (2017) Bow Street 1817 London
Steps to the Gallows (2016) Bow Street 1817 London
Maxwell, Edith Called to Justice (2017) 1888 Massachusetts
McCallister, Greer Girl in Disquise (2017) 1860's Chicago
McKinty, Adrian Police at the Station and They Don't Look Pleased (2017) 1988 Dublin
Mina, Denise Long Drop (2017) 1957 Scotland
Mount, Toni Color of Cold Blood (2017) Med London
Naughtie, James Paris Spring (2017) 1968 France
Organ, Emily Limelight (2017) 1883 London
Owen, K.B. Mystery of Schroon Lake Inn (2017) 1880's London
Pastor, Ben Road to Ithica (2017) 1941 Crete
Rivers, Susan Second Mrs. Hockaday (2017) Vic USA
Robb, Candace Twisted Vengeance 1399 York
Runcie, James Sidney Chambers & Presistence of Love (2017) 1950's England
Russell, Judith Withering-By-Sea (2017) Vic England
Ryan, Robert Sign of Fear (2017) WWI Berlin
St. John, Becca Gatehouse (2017) Reg England
Schutt, Bill & Finch, J.R. Hell's Gate (2017) 1944 South America
South Sheri Cobb For Deader or Worse (2017) Regency England
Swanston, Andrew Incendium (2017) 1572 England
Thompson, Victoria Murder in the Bowery (2017) 1900's New York
Thomson, E.S. Dark Asylum (2017) 1851 England
Tolkien, Simon No Man's Land (2017) WWI England
Underdawn, Beth Witch Finder's Sister (2017) 1645 USA
Ward, Tracy Shadows of Madness (2017) 1860's London
Weaver, Ashley Essence of Malice (2017) 1930 USA
Wendeberg, Annelie Devil's Grin Vic England
The Fall Vic England
The Journey Vic England
Keeper of Pleas (2017) Vic England
Wilson, D.K. Traitor's Mark (2017) 1543 England
Wilson, Ed A Very British Ending (2017) 1950's England
Woodbury, Sarah Worthy Soldier (2017) 1147 Wales

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