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In June 2001, on the CRIME THROUGH TIME listserv, a question was posted about historical mystery novels for 8th grade readers. After much discussion, it became clear that there was no list of childrens and young adult historical mysteries available on the Internet.

My own list, the Historical Mystery Home Page, did list some young adult and childrens books, but I had made no effort to list them on their own list. The more I thought about it, the more it became clear that a list just for young adult and children would be a good idea. And thus this list was born.


Inclusion of titles on this list is the same as for the Historical Mystery Home Page. The time in which the book was written must be some years before the time in which the story takes place. I have relaxed the definition of mystery to accomodate plots appropriate to childrens and young adult literature.


The only thing I recommend or endorse is the idea that children and young adults should be encouraged to read.

Other than that, I have complied this list based on the recommendations of others. Namely, the Mystery Writers Association's Edgar Awards nominations, Newberry and Caldecott awards nominations, and the recommendations of interested librarians and parents.

As previously stated, I do not recommend or endorse any author or individual book title. Should you have any reservations about the appropriateness of any book, author, or subject matter as far as your children are concerned, I strongly suggest you discuss this issue with your child.



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